Education and Training

2000-2001: New College of California, San Francisco, CA.
BA in Humanities; emphasis in Multiculturalism and Religious Education.
1998-1999: City College of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA.
Focus on Holistic Health and Chinese Culture (studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine).
1990-1997: The Reclaiming Community, San Francisco, CA.
Magical and ritual arts training with Starhawk and friends in an eclectic feminist tradition. Courses completed included Elements of Magic, Iron Pentagram, Summer Intensive, Teachers Track. Published an article, “White Feminism and Pagan Men,” (Reclaiming Newsletter #59, Summer 1995) exploring gender and race in pagan community.
1991: Humanistic Hypnosis Center, Berkeley, CA.
Certified Hypnotherapist. Training in the use of meditation and imagery for insight and healing.
1990-1991, 1994: Clairvoyant training, Berkeley, CA.
Visualization, meditation, social analysis, guided by Kat Woods (Lewis Bostwick/Berkeley Psychic Institute style).
1989: Boston Area Rape Crisis Center.
Trained as a rape crisis counselor.
1989-1990: University of Massachusetts at Boston, College of Public and Community Service.
Focus on domestic violence and alternative education.
1987-1988: Brown University, Providence, RI.
Pre-medical focus. Active volunteer in the Women’s Center and the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Students educational outreach program; published in the literary journal Passionfruit Review.
1986-1987: Lycee Saint-Dominique, Pau, France.
Total immersion in a high school in France.
1985: Junulara Kongreso de Esperanto, Germany.
Taught myself the language Esperanto at the age of fifteen. Taught a friend the language at the age of sixteen, won a scholarship (Congress-Bundestag/Esperanto League of North America), and traveled together with a U.S. youth delegation in the international Esperanto community for four weeks.
1984-1986: Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, Sudbury, MA.
Focus on history of social justice movements in the U.S., especially labor, women’s, gay and lesbian rights. Began active study of feminist theologies and neopaganism.
Language skills:
Fluent in French and Esperanto. Some Spanish, Mandarin Chinese. English placement at the top of the Brown University student body.