From 2000-2004 I was active in the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists. In 2004 I married fellow BFUU UUYANer and UU seminarian Jeffrey Melcher, and since then have mostly been too busy parenting our delightful daughter to be available for other ministries. I did help initiate a Talking Circles program in the NRJ-API-LGBT community, and my family are once again active at First UU Society of San Francisco., where I help teach in the preschool classroom.

1996 – 2000: First Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA.

1997 – 2000: Young Adult Network (UUYAN ages 18-35) program coordinator. Database, website, listservs, and newsletter; program design and support for two weekly evening meetings (Talking Circle ritual; UU Guest Elders program; Topics in UUYAN Community – Sex, Race, Age; Magical Humanism…); a monthly Circle Worship, periodic overnights, social activities, leadership development, religious education courses.
1997 – 2000: UUs for a Just Economic Community, San Francisco chapter.
1998: founded weekly Social Justice Spirituality Circle.
1997 – 98: Assistant Teacher in Jr. High youth group.
1996 – 2000: various Adult Religious Education classes as student or teacher.

1995-1997: PantheaCon, San Jose/San Francisco, CA.

Pagan conference. A large annual gathering of presentations from many different groups and traditions, organized by the Ancient Ways community center. Presented workshop on paganism on the internet in 1995, resulting in the formation of an enduring online community. Built event website in 1996.

1990-1997: The Reclaiming Community (Feminist Spirituality with Starhawk and friends), San Francisco, CA.

Member of an established pagan community providing large public rituals eight times a year, plus smaller classes and events.
1990-1993: Multicultural Ritual Planning Group (mostly pagans of color, working with author Starhawk and other Reclaiming witches; planned the annual Multicultural Samhain, a public ritual against racism attended by several hundred people; year-round circle meetings for 20+ people.)
1993: Evening Classes: Elements of Magic, Iron Pentagram series.
1994: Reclaiming Summer Intensive (California Witchcamp).
1995: Reclaiming Teachers Training.
1996: Created the website for greater accessibility of community documents, and organized the first e-cell of webspinning volunteers. Created the RESTR listserv to facilitate wider community inclusion in the organizational restructuring process.

1990-1993: Pagan and Feminist Spirituality circles, Berkeley, CA.

1993: Blood Sisters, a women’s spirituality group for women of color.
1991: Pagan-based 12-step group for recovery from patriarchy.
1990: Pagan coven formed from UC Berkeley campus students (from the UU-led Bisexual Rap group).

1990-1993: Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, Berkeley, MA:

Participated in weekly interfaith death penalty vigils at San Quentin prison, and small-group community (Talking Stick Circles, M. Scott Peck) work.

1988-1989: Unitarian Universalist Association staff, Boston, MA:

Department for Social Justice (with Loretta Williams, Jay Deacon)
Department for Religious Education (with Jeannellen Ryan, Judith Frediani).

1985-1987 (age 16-18), Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, Sudbury, MA:

Organizer of WINGS, a high school women’s spirituality group.

1980-1984 (age 11-15), First Parish Unitarian Universalist, Framingham, MA:

Youth group leader (Jr. High, Liberal Religious Youth, and Young Religious Unitarian Universalists.) Youth Adult Council member. Massachusetts Bay District conference participant.

District-level (Pacific Cental District) Unitarian Universalist activities, 1997-2002.

2002, led District Assembly workshop on multiculturalism.
2001, led Leadership Development Day workshop on multiculturalism.
2000, Lifespan Religious Education Consultant Advisory committee. District Assembly Planning committee, Bridging Program (Youth to Adult Rite of Passage) committee.
1999 – 2000: PCD Young Adult Network steering committee. (UUYAN Now! Claiming Our Adulthood conference and ritual, planning committee Jan-Apr 1999; Creating Sacred Space worship leadership curriculum team, Jan-Feb 2000; weekend-long Bridging program, Spring 2000; ongoing outreach, publications and database.)
1999, Lifespan Religious Education Consultant Task Force member.
1998, 1999: Leadership Development Day (Track Meet) participant.
February 7-8, 1998: Growth Conference participant.
Fall 1997: PCD Young Adult Network conference, small-group leader.

Continental-level Unitarian Universalist activities, 1998-2003.

2003: Helped organize a ground-breaking conference of Asian-American Unitarian Universalists.

2000: February, Southwest District (SWD) Young Adult Leadership Conference, “Spiritual Calling and Leadership Vision.” Keynote speaker; led workshop on changing group dynamics via worship design. June, General Assembly, Nashville, TN. Presented the influential “Children of a Different Tribe” workshop; received the UUA Young Adult and Campus Ministry award.

1999: General Assembly, Salt Lake City, Utah. Helped organize a significant young adult leaders contingent from my congregation. August, Young Adult annual conference (ConCentric and OPUS): provided a workshop, “Children of a Different Tribe.” Participants in tears; Marlin Lavanhar invokes the name “Prophet of UUYAN.”

1998: General Assembly, Rochester, NY. Young Adult Caucus Vice-Moderator and worship planning team. West Coast UUYAN Conference, “The Big O,” Oregon.

UUs for a Just Economic Community continental meetings: January 1999, Rowe, MA; June 1999, Salt Lake City, UT; March 2000, Chicago, IL.

DRUUMM (Diverse and Revolutionary UU Multicultural Ministries) continental meeting: June 1999, Salt Lake City, UT. June 2000, Nashville, TN. December 2001-2002, webmaster