Social Justice Activism

Cultural Experience/Identity:
Bisexual, cross-class, mixed-race, humanist pagan UU mother.

2004-2009: Berkeley, CA
Staff member at the PANA Institute, a center for progressive religious Asian-American leadership development, under Rev. Deborah Lee and Dr. Fumitaka Matsuoka. Projects include organizational identity and sustainability, and the Network on Religion and Justice for API LGBTs.
2000-2003: Berkeley, CA
Various leadership roles within of the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, a congregation focused on social justice activism.
1997-2000: San Francisco, CA
Nurturing relations between UUYAN (the UU Young Adult Network) and UUJEC (UUs for a Just Economic Community).
1992-1997: San Francisco, CA
Pagan- and anarchist-based study and protest actions. Challenging White Supremacy workshop series with white anti-racist activist Sharon Martinas, 1992, 1994. Anarchist Conference, 1996. California Prison Focus (Pelican Bay Information Project), mental health work with survivors of human rights abuses with Dr. Holbrook Teter, 1997.
1990-1992: Berkeley, CA
Weekly death penalty vigils. Recovery movement work. Published in the ground-breaking bisexual feminist anthology, Bi Any Other Name, Alyson Press, 1991.
1989-1990: College of Public and Community Service, Boston, MA
Active in GAMIT (queer student group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology); 1989 March on Washington for Women’s Lives; Rape Crisis Hotline volunteer.
1987-1988: Brown University, Providence, RI
Lesbian/Bi/Gay Students Association activist; LBGSA educational outreach to freshman dorms. Women’s Center volunteer.
1984-1986: Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, Sudbury, MA
Created a much-needed Women’s Movement History textbook supplement, still in use. Organized an Esperanto club and a feminist women’s group.