Spring 2012 (2nd)

Great Fun Children’s School
(c/o Connecting Waters Charter School independent home study program)

Spring 2012 Curriculum
Second Grade

Primary goal: create a nourishing homeschool environment in which joyfulness, self-governance, and a relaxed playful childhood can flourish.


Daily books-on-tape (cd). City of Ember series, various Jim Weiss (Three Musketeers, Julius Caesar), Endymion Spring, Wind in the Door, Castle in the Air by Diana Wynne Jones, Sabotaged (The Missing, Book 3), Emily Windsnap. etc.
Spectrum Writing workbook, Grade 2 level, p1-85.Zaner-Bloser Handwriting 2c, p 103-128.
6+1 Traits of Writing: The Complete Guide for the Primary Grades by Ruth Culham.

Singapore Math, Standards Edition,4A.
Berkeley Math Circle, Elementary II, one hour/week, including participation in the international Math Kangaroo contest (March 2012. Score: 55th percentile national.)
Chess class with Berkeley Chess School teacher (at UC Village), 1x/week.
Life of Fred Elementary series: Apples, Butterflies, Dogs, Edgewood, Farming, Goldfish, by Stanley Schmidt.
Computer Literacy: self-guided projects on MIT Scratch.

History & Geography
Story of the World, Volume II: The Middle Ages,
by Susan Wise Bauer, chapters 29-42/end, with supplements.
The History of US, Book One: the First Americans, by Joy Hakim. Audiobook.

Real Science 4 Kids, by Rebecca Keller of Gravitas Publications. Chemistry, Biology, and Physics, “Pre-Level One” (K-3) books.

Foreign Language
Mandarin Chinese: learning and writing characters. Daily practice w Mom. Characters from Yi Shan Yi Shan Liang Jing Jing. Also My First Chinese Words (betterchinese.com), books 1-3.
Weekly class with Jennifer Briffa (Intermediate, 7-11yo class)

Art History with Tanya D of East Hills 4-H homeschool group. 1x/mo.
Bay Area Maker Faire, San Mateo, May 19-20 2012 (“volunteer staff” at Cedar Caspar’s booth)

Values, Religion, & Character
Jewish, Christian, Humanist, Pagan, and Chinese traditions.
Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists Chochmat HalevChurch Without Walls.

Phys Ed
Gymnastics  at UC Village Rec Center, 2x/wk.
Soccer with Berkeley-Albany Soccer Club, 3x/wk.

Friends! Attachment parenting. Classes and group activities, structured and unstructured, same-age and multi-age.Weekly Park Day with SFBUN at local playgrounds. Girl Scouts (Brownie).   East Hills 4-H. BAGHS. ACHC neighbors.