Summer 2016 (pre-7th)

Great Fun Children’s School
Summer 2016 Curriculum
Pre-Seventh Grade / age 11

Mission: Cultivate academic skills, multicultural awareness, and a joyful resilience, nurturing connections in a community of increasing love and complexity.


  • Books-on-tape (cd), daily.  
  • Independent reading, various. Song of the Lioness quartet by Tamora Pierce.


  • Berkeley Math Circle, summer camp, Intermediate I.
  • UC Berkeley ATDP summer camp, “ED3662: The Baker Street Irregulars” – logic puzzles and problem-solving.
  • The Great Courses: Economics with Professor Timothy Taylor, v.1 (8 lectures)

History & Geography

  • Story of the World, Volume IV: The Modern Age, by Susan Wise Bauer, Chapters 33-34. Also March civil rights history by Congressman John Lewis.

Science & Engineering

World Languages

  • Esperanto language on DuoLingo app, level 8.


Values, Religion, & Character

  • Attendance at Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists

Phys Ed

  • Allegro Youth Beginning Ballroom (competitive) with Olga & Dima  Sukachov, 1 hr, 1x/week.


Friends! Attachment parenting. Classes and group activities, structured and unstructured, same-age and multi-age, cousins, groupmates and neighbors. ACHC housing cooperative, BFUU religious congregation. GHOTO Homeschoolers group (weekly).